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18” 500’ 60ga Standard Biolefin

18” 500’ 60ga Standard Biolefin

SKU : BL-18W5H-60

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  • Voltage: NA
  • Film Type: Biolefin
  • Centerfold: YES
  • Roll Length: 500
  • Roll Width: 18
  • Gauge: 60
  • Recyclable: YES
  • Perforated: NO
  • Bio-Degradeable: YES
  • Scentable: YES
  • Old SKU: SMF-181BP6
  • Weight: 8

Biolefin™ Oxo-Biodegradable Polyolefin is a standard polyolefin to which mineral salt additives have been included, rendering the film capable of absorbing water. Once discarded properly, it ends up in a landfill, where, when exposed to light, wind, water, heat, and the native microbial organisms found in a landfill, the water-enriched film is capable of being assimilated by those micro-organisms, which then excrete it as biomass, with no discernable plastic particulate.

So, what begins as a chemical process, with the mineral salts enabling the film to absorb moisture, ends as a biological process, as the microorganisms consume and convert the film to biomass.

The latest version of the film, Biolefin™ 2.0, has been tweaked to degrade in 2-3 years after discard.

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