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How to wrap multiple items, soaps and Gift Baskets

The following videos feature our 20" sealing wand. What you typically plan on wrapping determines which size is best for your application. Systems come in 8". 14", 18" 24" & 30" functional widths. (Other 24" systems can only utilize 22" film!) Though the size may vary, the techniques remain the same.

Wrapping Bath Bombs?

Jerika Z of Quench Soaps, out of Ontario, shares with us this most excellent video of how she wraps her bath bombs. For us, this was a case of love at first sight!

Wrapping Soap with Ariane Arsenault

Ariane, from Quebec, shows us how she uses our system.

Amazon FBA's, Wholesalers, Distributors, Pawn Brokers, Estate Sales Professionals

use the system to wrap virtually anything. You don't need to stock 5 sizes of plastic bags as this system will wrap virtually anything...and leave it better looking, to boot.