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14” 4375’ 60ga Cross Linked Polyolefin

14” 4375’ 60ga Cross Linked Polyolefin

SKU : CLP-14W4K-60

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  • Voltage: NA
  • Film Type: Polyolefin
  • Centerfold: YES
  • Roll Length: 4375
  • Roll Width: 14
  • Gauge: 60
  • Recyclable: YES
  • Perforated: NO
  • Bio-Degradeable: NO
  • Scentable: YES
  • Old SKU: SMF-143P1
  • Weight: 35
Polyolefin is a very strong, puncture-resistant shrink film that's FDA approved for direct food contact and is 100%. The innovative crosslink process provides strong, durable seals and excellent shrinkage and burn through resistance. Finishing properties are superior, and exhibits outstanding abuse resistance. It is suitable for nearly all packaging systems in use.

It is very effective for wrapping irregularly-shaped items and items with sharp edges or corners. Polyolefin is softer than PVC, feels like a plastic bag, and because it's acid-free, makes it especially suited for matted prints, artwork, photos, cards, scrapbooking and all paper products. If you plan on bundling or multi-packing you might want to consider it as well.

We stock polyolefin in 60, 75 and 100 gauges.
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