Magic Wand Shrink Wrap System - 18"

Magic Wand Shrink Wrap System - 18"

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  • Voltage: 110.0
  • Old SKU: PMS-20

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Our most popular system
for general packaging and bundling. This system can wrap and shrink 100 smaller items in under 25 minutes, proving the ideal choice for efficiency. Our most versatile system for both small and large items, the 18" System, is used for everything from chocolates, gaming consoles, hardware, electronics, and perfumes, as well as being the top pick for many Amazon sellers. This system includes:

- A 21" magic sealing wand (110V)

- Film carrier and dispenser that supports and protects the roll of film, allowing it to be rolled out without spooling

- Heat Resistant silicone foam pad

- Deluxe dual-temp heat gun

- 35% discount on your first roll of film. Automatically deducted when added to your cart.


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