“Protecting Your Product, Your Customers, Your World”

With the danger of environmental breakdown becoming more and more apparent, National Shrink Wrap set out on a mission. The goal was clear; to make a long standing and reliable biodegradable shrink film that allows not only for the success of your product, but the sustainability of the environment.

USDA approved and EPI certified, National Shrink Wrap has worked with leading suppliers to develop a product that meets the top standards in both packaging and sustainability.

How does Biolefin work?

We wanted our shrink film to be considered compostable by the highest standards so we went straight to the source, because a product is only as good as its components. Gathering prime, clean, and fresh materials from sustainable environments around the globe was vital to our goal. Our mission was to manufacture plastics that leave no trace of their existence.

Biolefin, both biodegradable and compostable, is now a reality- allowing you to make the right decision for your product and your world.

Having all the beneficial properties of our most popular film, Biolefin™ is: food grade and acid free approved for direct food contact and creating the ideal choice for any and all products that need to be wrapped. The film can be manufactured to your specifications with various gauge, puncture resistance and perforations.